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Aerial photography

About the Project The Cornell Institute for Resource Information Sciences (IRIS) maintains a large and comprehensive collection of aerial photographs for New York State dating from 1936 through 1995. The archive numbers some 50,000 images that cover 48 counties, many counties of which have at least three years of historic sequence. The photographs are primarily black and white direct contact prints, and in hard copy form they measure from 7” x 9” to 9” x 9” in size; scales vary. Historic aerial photographs are valuable resources for landscape and land use analysis, assessment of environmental impacts, development projects and education.

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Richard B. Hoit Photograph Collection Photographer Richard Hoit came to Miami in 1914 when he was 27. Already an experienced movie and aerial photographer, his collection of photographs includes landscape diverse regions, including Massachusetts, Vermont, and Florida in the United States. Hoit traveled extensively in South America in the early nineteen hundreds. The images resulting from these travels are of people and scenery in Bolivia, Columbia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru. Finally, the Richard Hoit Collection contains Hoit family photographs that span the period 1834 through 1973. The online collection contains 23 photographs from the larger collection taken in South Florida.

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I nteractive N umeric & S patial I nformation D ata E ngine Non-georeferenced Scanned Historic Air Photos for Idaho The Historic Air Photo online mapping application provides a way to geospatially locate a selected set of non-georeferenced scanned historic air photos for Idaho contained in the Idaho aerial views database. It allows users to determine the flight year, the University of Idaho CD-ROM call number, and the image name for every fifth image along a given project flight line.

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Questions? questions? Contact Devin: dbecker@uidaho.edu (208) 885-7040 The University of Idaho Library houses a collection of historical photographs donated by Clifford M. Ott in 1992. Mr. Ott was an avid amateur photographer who amassed over 10,000 slides, prints, and negatives spanning the years from 1883 to 1990. Ott compiled a selection from his collection into eleven albums containing a total of over 1,800 images of Moscow and surrounding Latah County. These scrap books contain photos as well as newspaper clippings, and historic footnotes. Clifford Ott used these scrapbooks, and other slides and negatives, to give talks to senior groups about Latah County history. Clifford M. Ott was a Moscow resident for ninety years.

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Bradford Washburn Photograph Collection The Bradford Washburn Collection The Alaska and Polar Regions Collections holds many of the more than 8,700 large format (8"x10") black-and-white negatives that Bradford Washburn created between 1937 and 1976. These are aerial images he took using methods that ranged from shooting photographs out the open door of a Bellanca Skyrocket with a modified Fairchild K-6 camera resting on his lap, to the use of a Learjet whose rear emergency window had been modified with a three-quarter inch optical glass photo-window. The University does not hold all of Washburn’s negatives. Some negatives remained with Washburn; others were sent to his authorized art gallery dealer: Panopticon . This gallery produces high-quality art images and posters.

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Connecticut State Library Digital Collections All Collections In 1934 Connecticut became the first state to complete a statewide aerial survey. The State Library has several aerial surveys of the entire state , along with some partial surveys, and has put the 1934, 1938 (partial survey), and 1965 surveys online. Hartford street scenes just after the great snow storm of March 12 th and 13 th , 1888. Views of military life and training at the air base, the Sixth War Loan drive, redeployment, officers and medal presentations to families of servicemen.

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