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was adapted into a Hollywood film starring Audrey Hepburn in 1959. Though she was best known during her lifetime for this remarkably successful book, Hulme was more than a one-novel writer; she was the author of nine well-received books of fiction and nonfiction, some of which earned national awards and recognition. For a time, Hulme considered writing her own autobiography.

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About Us Parliament Week (31 October - 6 November 2011) The Original Wind in the Willows This online display, launched by the University of Oxford?s Bodleian Library to celebrate World Book Day 2007, reveals the origins of Kenneth Grahame?s masterpiece of children?s literature, The Wind in the Willows . It is an expanded version of an exhibition mounted on 1 March 2007 for one day only in the Bodleian Library?s famous Divinity School, and reproduces images from the original letters and manuscripts in which Grahame brought his famous characters to life one hundred years ago.

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The Digital Library SunSITE is building a collection of digital texts that can be read online, printed, or downloaded for further study.

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