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Digitised images from The Bodleian Libraries Special Collections Search: About Click on the stripes below to read more Prototypography (the use of both woodblock and movable type) The images of these items are presented in context, showing, for instance, a handwritten interleaved German translation of the Apocalypse (BB-2) and the incorporation of snippets of woodcut printing into the marginal decoration of a manuscript book (XYL-28). Evidence of paper watermarks gathered by scholars has been included in the form of images made by beta-radiography.

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About The Collection The Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae is a collection of engravings of Rome and Roman antiquities, the core of which consists of prints published by Antonio Lafreri and gathered under a title page he printed in the mid-1570's. Copies of the Speculum vary greatly in the number of prints, and individual prints were reissued and changed over time. The University of Chicago Library's copy of the Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae contains nearly 1,000 prints and is the largest in the world. The Library's copy arrived in the 1890's as a part of the Berlin Collection, a large lot of books and manuscripts purchased for the Library from S. Calvary and Co. in Berlin.

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