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Led by the State Library of Massachusetts, the Alexander Parris Digital Project digitized Parris material held in the State Library and the collections of six Boston repositories. The Boston Athenaeum; The Boston Public Library; Boston National Historical Park, Charlestown Navy Yard; Massachusetts General Hospital; Massachusetts Historical Society; and Historic New England (formerly Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities) all contributed documents to a searchable digital archive that contains images and transcriptions of more than four hundred items.

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About From Nylon to Polyethylene, plastics surround us. This website combines narratives about the people, materials, and corporations responsible for our cultural embrace of plastic with a searchable digital collection of original research materials from Syracuse University Library, including manuscripts, printed materials, photographs, and artifacts. Many of these materials are also available to scholars and researchers who visit Syracuse University Library. The Plastics Collection at the Syracuse University Library, founded in 2008, is the largest university-based resource on the history of plastics.

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A digital collection comprised of historical photograhs and documents pertaining to the history of the Dworshak Dam, selected primarily from the collection of A. B. Curtis, former mayor of Orofino, Idaho. The images and documents span the years 1952 to 1972, documenting both the legislative history that led to the dam's construction and the construction itself. To explore the collection by date or location, or to find out more about the collection, use the tabs above. Questions? questions? Contact Devin: dbecker@uidaho.edu (208) 885-7040 The Dworshak Dam Collection is a collection that is still under development.

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The Columbia River Basin Project Begun with the construction of the Grand Coulee Dam in 1933, the Columbia River Basin Project is one of the largest, and most contentious, engineering projects ever completed in the American West. Franklin Roosevelt originally authorized the construction of the dam with the intention of diverting huge portions of the Columbia River to the fertile, though arid, Washington State Interior.??With the outbreak of World War II, however, irrigation initiatives were put on hold, and hydroelectric power became the dam's primary function. This change in use proved important historically.

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THE idea of writing this Treatise suggested itself to me a considerable time since, from knowing the repeated inquiries that had been made for such a book; and after perusing, I believe, every work that has been published on the subject, I was fully convinced of the necessity of such a work, adapted to the present improved practice. Of the works on Surveying, I may say, they are all elementary, and of ante-date, no treatise, that I am aware of, having been published since the fine mathematical instruments at present in use have been considered a necessary adjunct to the successful prosecution of land surveying. Of the treatises published on levelling, there is only one of recent date, by Mr.

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