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Gold rush

Certain threads have been woven into the history of Alaska since the first appearance of Whites, hundreds of years ago. These include the search for wealth, the role of the military as a governing body, a mobile and changing population, interaction with Native peoples, a boom-and-bust economy, and a free-wheeling attitude on the part of many who came from elsewhere.

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Collections from the University of Alaska: Photographs. The Historical Photographs collections in the Alaska and Polar Regions Department of the Rasmuson Library include over seven hundred thousand images, dating from the 1870s to the present, documenting Alaska, the Yukon Territory, and eastern Siberia. Of particular interest are collections relating to the Alaskan gold rushes (1880-09), World War II in Alaska (1940-1945), the transition to statehood (1956-67), and the Pipeline boom (1974-77). This selection of documents is of indigenous and pioneer women of Alaska in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Residence of Mrs. J.H. Mann, Fairbanks, Alaska., c.1900. UAF Historical Photographs.

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