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Criminal law

Joseph Berry Keenan Digital Collection The Joseph Berry Keenan Digital Collection—comprising manuscript materials and photographs—offers researchers invaluable insight into the Japanese War Crimes Trial—one of the most important trials of the twentieth century. The struggles of World War II did not end after the Japanese and German surrender to the Allied Powers; they merely shifted from land, air and sea battlefields to court rooms around the world. Thousands of defendants would be tried on various charges of conventional – and non-conventional - war crimes. The most famous of these trials were those held in Nuremberg and Tokyo. It was at these two trials, more than at any other, that a new chapter in international law would be written.

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Have you ever wondered what was said when cases were argued before the Idaho Supreme Court? Idaho Supreme Court briefs, transcripts and other documents have been preserved for future research. Beginning in 2010, the digital repository provides a searchable interface for discovery and utilization of appellate court documents. This collection will continue to grow in size and scope. RECORDS AND BRIEFS 1911 THROUGH 2009 Original briefs, transcripts and other documents from Idaho appellate cases are stored in both Boise and Moscow, Idaho. This database identifies the location of those documents. Search for these documents using docket number, litigant name, Idaho Reports citation or Pacific Reporter citation. To view the documents, you will need to travel to Boise or Moscow.

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