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About - University of Oregon. Office of the Dean of Personnel Administration. National Japanese American Student Relocation Council Records 1942-1946 The National Japanese American Student Relocation Council was created by university administrators as a means of relocating Japanese American college students to other universities and colleges away from the West coast during World War II, and to prevent these students from being interned in government-run internment camps. At the University of Oregon, Karl Onthank, Dean of Personnel Administration, represented the University in relocating UO Japanese American students. The collection includes correspondence, newsletters, speeches, minutes of meetings, and ephemera.

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About the Collection The Family Tree was a newsletter published by Potlatch Forests, Inc. for their employees from 1936 - 1952. The newsletter covers local (Northern Idaho) and national events, with a special focus on issues pertaining to Potlatch Forests, Inc. and its loggers and other employees. The content varies greatly — from reports on the head injuries of sawmill workers to editorials on the war crimes of Hirohito , written near the end of WWII — and is consistently well-written and evocative of the daily life of Potlatch workers and their families during these years. Some other interesting Family Tree articles include: The collection was digitized in the summer of 2010, per user request.

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