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Mission The purpose of the UO Channel is to provide a gateway to streaming media at the University of Oregon. Programming featured on the main UO Channel site is to reflect the University’s dedication to “…the highest standards of academic inquiry, learning, and service…” Criteria include: General guidance for the UO Channel is provided by an Advisory Board with representatives from: Announcements Welcome to the 2011 UO Academic year! The UO Channel is now compatible with iOS devices: iPhone, iPad and iPod. Viewing our video on your mobile device is simple - browse to your selection, and press play!

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The University Archives Photograph Collection contains modern and vintage photographic prints related to the University of Oregon. The photographs depict a variety of buildings, historic scenes, events, students, faculty and staff, and scenes of campus life.

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Portraits in Oxford * An integrated digital catalogue of portraits in the University of Oxford and its constitutent colleges. Portrait collections include: The collections: Welcome to Portraits in Oxford The Portraits in Oxford project aims to publish an integrated digital catalogue of portraits in the University of Oxford and its constituent Colleges. The pilot study, (June 2005-May 2006), catalogued portraits in the Examination Schools of the University, and at Pembroke College. The catalogue of the University portrait collection is on Open Access and can be searched using the search facilities at the top of this page. The integrated catalogue of University and College portraits is available to registered users.

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