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Latest News Clarence Alexander Long Time Jukebox Contributor is Honored by President Obama Submitted by admin on Fri, 10/14/2011 - 09:19 Watch Clarence's climate change interview at Stakeholders & Climate Change Bethel Communities of Memory is now available The Bethel Communities of Memory Project Jukebox features people from the Bethel area talking about life in their remote community. The original gathering took place in 1996, but many of the stories still hold true. Dog Mushing in Alaska Project Jukebox is live! The Dog Mushing in Alaska Project Jukebox website features oral histories, historic film clips, and still photographs to highlight various aspects of dog mushing in Alaska.

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Collections from the University of Alaska: Maps. The Rare Map Collection at the Rasmuson Library contains thousands of maps that document the history of Alaska, from 16th century speculative cartography to the gold rush era. This selection of maps provides basic coverage of the mapping of Alaska, from the early voyages of discovery through the sale of Russian America to the United States and the gold rush. The maps depict the growth of geographic knowledge that resulted from the great expeditions of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries,and also illustrate the carto-controversies that arose from various imagined geographies and fictitious voyages of discovery. A new map of the northeast coast of Asia, and the northwest coast of America, with the late Russian discoveries.

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