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Scope and Content AGSL Digital Photo Archive - Africa presents a selection of images from the extensive photographic holdings of the American Geographical Society (AGS) Library. These images were selected from the Richard U. Light and Mary (Light) Meader Collection. This digital collection contains approximately 1080 images from Mary Upjohn Light's aerial photography in 1937-38. Mrs. Light (who later married Dr. Edwin Meader) was an adventurous aerial photographer who flew with Dr. Richard Upjohn Light, a geographer and pilot, over the continents of South America and Africa. They were the first to produce aerial photographs of these continents. Some of the first aerial photographs of the pyramids in Egypt are present in the Light/Meader Collection of negatives.

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African Political Ephemera and Realia Project Search Browse The African Political Ephemera and Realia Project is an online collection of ephemeral material - pamphlets, t-shirts, cloths, posters, to name just a few examples - that documents the material culture of politics in Sub-Saharan Africa. Ephemeral political material often does not find its way into institutional collections either because the material is discarded before it draws the attention of collectors, because it is too popular and mass-produced to merit consideration as art, or because it does not fit easily (either physically or intellectually) into the book- and manuscript-based realm of libraries.

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Due to Cornell's longstanding ties with Liberia, specifically through Professor Milton Konvitz's 20 years with the Liberian Law Codification Project and Professor Jane Hammond's work organizing the National Law Library , the Cornell Law Library has an extensive collection of Liberian materials, some of which are unique due to the destruction of the National Liberian Library during the civil war. With the end of hostilities in Liberia and as the country begins the process of rebuilding, scholarly interest in Liberia's past, present, and future has increased.

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The African e-Journals Project makes journals published in Africa and about Africa more available to scholars worldwide.

The project offers two major resources. First, a directory of journals about Africa provides information about where to find tables of contents and abstracts, full text of articles online, and journal webpages, where they are available.

Second, a full-text archive is provided of back issues of 11 scholarly journals published in Africa in the social sciences and humanities.

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The Exploring Africa! curriculum is divided into Units, Modules, and Learning Activities. Each unit covers a major topic or theme in the study of Africa. Each unit is divided into thematic, disciplinary, regional, or country modules. Each module is comprised of four to eight learning activities. The learning activities in each module vary in length of time needed for completion. Consequently, each module will take between two and five standard 50-minute class periods to complete. Teachers are free to select one or two learning activities from a module or to complete all of the learning activities.

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In 2002 the African Media Program offers an on-line comprehensive reference guide to approximately 10,000 films, videos, and other audiovisual materials concerning Africa (both Sub-Saharan and North Africa). It includes film and video productions made in Africa and around the world. This new database incorporates and updates material contained in the 1982 print compendium, adds many new reviews, and provides as complete a citation as possible from a wide variety of sources.

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