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Florida history

Lillian Frow Peacock & Eunice Peacock Merrick Collection Considered the pioneers of society in Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida, the Frow and Peacock families settled in the tropics in the late 1800s and left a legacy of history and town character that persists to this day. Both John Frow and his son Simeon served as keepers of the Cape Florida Lighthouse, the famed embattled site of adventure and strife from Seminole Indian War attacks, in 1859 and 1868 respectively. Also the first person to buy property in Coconut Grove, John and his brother Joseph, who worked as John's assistant at the lighthouse, stood on the initial board to establish a school for the Coconut Grove district.

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Henry Flagler, founder and president of the Florida East Coast Railroad (FECR), created the Model Land Company (MLC) in 1896 to manage his rapidly expanding real estate holdings in the state of Florida. The growth and expansion of the FECR was crucial to the development of Florida, and the Model Land Company, with its three subsidiary companies - Fort Dallas Land Company (FDLC), Perrine Grant Land Company (PGLC) and the Chuluota Land Company (CLC)- managed Flagler's "land empire" until its demise in 1967. The Model Land Company Records constitute a large portion of the surviving records of the Model Land Company. The files consist of the administrative and financial records of the MLC's Miami-based land agent, Frederick S.

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A selection of 290 postcards from the Florida Postcard Collection covering Miami, Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables and other South Florida locations from the University of Miami Libraries Special Collections.

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    The Florida Photograph Collection A place of magic cities, boom towns, beaches, and lush, tropical landscapes, South Florida appears to reverberate with culture and development from its outset in pictures from the Florida Photograph Collection. Photographs tell visual stories of urban planning, tourism and land cultivation. Unique aspects of Coconut Grove, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, and Miami are distinguishable in images of historic street scenes, exotic foliage, unusual architecture, and yet unsettled panoramas. The past, in all its romance and tragedy, lives on in these lasting images. The photographs identify iconic locations and capture defining moments in the birth and growth of South Florida.

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